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Pr. Nadia Ykhlef, from the University Constantine 1, in charge of the Master Plant Biotechnology, and Pr. Abdelhamid Djekoun, President of the Conference of Eastern Universities in Algeria, have invited D. Bogusz and C. Franche to participate in teaching activities at the Faculty of Sciences in Constantine (May 2-6th 2015). There is the result of a long term collaboration between the team of Pr. Ykhlef and the Rhizogenesis group from IRD Montpellier.

As in many parts of the world, transgenic plants resulting from genetic engineering are a source of questioning in Algeria. A teaching module dedicated to « Plant transgenesis – Technical aspects and applicability » has been organized for 25 graduate students (Master 1). It provided the opportunity to present the most recent approaches to transfer valuable genes into plants, to illustrate the value of plant biotechnology for basic research or commercial purposes, and to discuss the methods for assessing the risks that could result from the release of transgenic plants in the environment. Students from Master 2 got the opportunity to follow a training course on critical analysis of scientic literature. The process used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a research article in order to assess the usefulness and validity of research findings was presented.

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Graduate students (Master 1) from Plant Biotechnology, Constantine 1 University.

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