Actino 2015 congress

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The international congress on « Frankia and actinorhizal plants » is organized every two years. The 18th meeting will take place on August 24th-27th at Agropolis International in Montpellier, France ( This event brings together the scientific community studying actinorhizal plants and provides the opportunity to review major breakthroughs concerning both the microorganism Frankia and the host plants, thus creating links between laboratories doing some basic research and forestry institutes.

The meeting, organized by Didier Bogusz and Claudine Franche from the Research Unit DIADE, and Philippe Normand for Microbial Ecology in Lyon, includes the following sessions:

  • Session I : Frankia physiology and « -omics » approaches

Genetic diversity of Frankia strains isolated from nodules collected in different biotopes will be described, together with major achievements in the sequencing of Frankia genomes, and attempts to obtain shuttle vectors to genetically transform actinomycetes.

  • Session II: Actinorhizal plants physiology and « -omics » approaches

Global approaches aiming to get insights in the transcriptome and proteome of various actinorhizal plants will be the main topic. Valuable traits of actinorhizal plants will be presented.

  • Session III: Symbiotic signaling and functioning of actinorhiza

The development of actinorhiza is the result of a complex dialogue between the host and the actinomycete, leading to nodular organogenesis. Functional analyses of key symbiotic genes will be described.

  • Session IV: Ecology and contribution of actinorhizal plants to soil productivity and rehabilitation

The contribution of actinorhizal plants to soil fertility will be presented, together with data concerning the optimization of the interaction between the host and Frankia. The best procedures for abiotic stress adaptation of the actinorhizal symbiosis will be described.

Two round tables will be also organized on the following topics: « The actinorhizal symbiosis in the context of tropical and mediterranean agrosystems » and « Contribution of the actinorhizal symbiosis to the transfer of biological nitrogen fixation ability in cereals ».


Registrations are opened until July 31th here